5 volume trading strategies.

5 volume trading strategies. Trading with and against the trend.

In the first part of the article we discussed volume trading strategies for flat markets. After reading it, you may get ideas on how to buy and sell on an exchange if the price moves within a corridor or in a “flat manner”. So, we considered: strategy No. 1 for trading on reversals; strategy No. […]

Top 5 simple volume trading strategies

Top 5 simple volume trading strategies

Volume trading strategy is one of the most popular search queries. Google produces more than 77 million results for this query.

Как индикаторы ATAS улучшают популярные Форекс стратегии.

How ATAS indicators improve popular Forex strategies.

In our previous articles, which you can read here and here, we already conducted several experiments on application of a rich arsenal of the ATAS platform in order to increase profitability of trading by standard Forex strategies. Let’s continue this topic. In this article we decided to analyze only one Forex strategy. It is called […]

Footprint and Tape analysis.

Footprint and Tape analysis. An example of a profitable trade

This practical article demonstrates power of the ATAS instruments. To prove their efficiency, we will show you how to find a bitcoin buying setup on the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange. A simple logic, which is behind the price movement, will be used in the process of the market analysis. It is focused on the buyers and […]

Practice of footprint analysis.

Practice of footprint analysis. Patterns in the ATAS platform

This article is a practical instruction for those who studies the market analysis with the help of such concepts as volume, clusters, footprint and delta. This method of analysis focuses on real powers that influence the price – efforts of buyers and sellers.

Trading patterns and clusters for M5

Searching candles patterns and clusters at M5 chart

Forex beginner traders tend to practice their initial knowledge opening small timeframe positions. Moreover, they usually use simple patterns, which use forex candles. This happens because: small timeframes, such as 5-minute ones, exclude long waiting. They allow immediate feeling of a faster heart beating when they see profit or loss fluctuations; forex patterns, built on […]

Индикатор OI Analyzer. Ищем входы с низким риском

OI Analyzer Indicator. Look for low risk entries

The goal of this article is to consider such a statistical parameter of the Moscow Exchange for assessment of the forward market instruments as Open Interest and also to learn how to build own trading patterns on the basis of real-life facts with the help of the OI Analyzer Indicator.

Dynamic Levels

Using the Dynamic Levels Indicator for intraday trading

What indicators do you use to enter a trade? After reading this, in practical terms, valuable article, you will add the Dynamic Levels Indicator, a unique development of the Orderflowtrading team, to your list of useful indicators. We will show you how to increase probability of profit in the financial market with the help of […]

Как найти и торговать имбаланс

How to find and trade imbalance. Part 2

In the first part of this article we considered mostly introductory information about imbalances: what imbalances on the exchange are, how they are formed, what they are for, how to get and set them and the basic principles of use.