Ethereum and Ether. What you should know before investing in ETH

Ethereum and Ether. What do you need to know about it?

What is Ethereum and what is Ether?

In everyday usage, Ether and Ethereum are synonyms, although they are not exactly the same.

Ethereum is a complex decentralized platform of applications based on the blockchain technology. In simple words, Ethereum is a big database with a publicly available source code. The official web-site of the platform is

Ether (ticker: ETH) is a token directly connected with Ethereum. In particular, operators (miners) that support the network operation receive Ether as remuneration. Ether is often called ‘cryptocurrency’, although it is more correct to call it ‘token’, which gives the right to use services provided in the Ethereum platform.

You can find basic information about Ethereum and Ether in this article:

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